Curtains for the Internet of Home Things?

Jonathan Margolis had a nice piece in the FT yesterday arguing that the applications of the much hyped Internet of Things into the home may be, well, overhyped and is often solutions looking for problems.

Home automation is stress-inducing. At almost every installation I look at, there is to be found a frowning male stabbing at an iPad muttering about why the system is not working — and a female partner rolling her eyes. Switching lights and heating on manually, opening your own curtains and turning on the TV yourself is really very easy and never goes wrong.

I always defer to John Naughton on things technology and the First Law of Technology which says that we invariably overestimate the short-term impact of new technologies while underestimating their longer-term effects.   We often fail to foresee the economically, politically and socially transformative impacts of new technology and focus on minor details like surround sound.



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