A Quick Report on Another Housing Supply Report

I’ve found yet another report on housing supply.  This adds to the  Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs report on Building More Homes, the All Party Parliamentary Group for Excellence in the Built Environment‘s s More Homes, Fewer Complaints, The Redfern Review, ResPublica’s Going to Scale, the Lyons Commission’s Update Report.  I’ve probably missed others.  No doubt there will soon be another report from the DCLG Select Committee who are currently inquiring into the capacity of the housebuilding sector.

Published on 22 December 2016, I missed the LGA’s Housing Commission Report on Building Our Homes, Communities and FutureNot surprisingly, since it’s the LGA it puts a lot more emphasis on the role of local authorities in increasing housing supply.  Having said that, there are a lot of interesting examples of entrepreneurial local states.  There’s also a lot of familiar recommendations on transparency, best value requirements, SMEs, land value capture and infrastructure provision, improving build out rates, viability appraisal etc.

  • Introduce measures that increase the transparency of land ownership and the ‘options’ on land.
  • Issue guidance to public bodies on how to consider land release in terms of wider public value, rather than achieving the highest immediate receipt…
  • Work with developers to deliver a strategy for supporting the diversification of private housebuilding industry, including small and medium sized builders…
  • Explore routes for capturing greater proportions of land value uplifts resulting from planning permission in order to finance infrastructure for homes.
  • Establish a clear, robust and transparent viability procedure to help manage down the escalation of land values and ensure the delivery of affordable housing and infrastructure communities need to back development.

So – there’s certainly a lot of diagnosing going on.  It would be good to have more robust evidence on the causes of the symptoms and the likely effectiveness of the proposed treatments.


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