Housing knowledge

Lloyds Bank (in partnership with the HBF) published the results of a survey of housebuilding firms. You can check it out here. It was a kind of a state of the industry-type report.  It’s a pretty shallow piece of research with little detail on sample, methods, response rates etc.  But – it did challenge some of my pre-conceptions.

Debt was the least popular method of financing future business growth. I wasn’t sure what some of the categories were – “asset finance”?

Lack of skilled construction workers was identified as a challenge by only 26% of respondents. About 30% stated that there were “more than enough” skilled workers.  I had assumed that this was a fairly universal problem.

30% stated that the EU referendum had a large positive impact on their business. 15% said that it had had some positive impact.

I was aware of the decline of the SME sector in house building – but the numbers are still shocking

the number of smaller housebuilders building 100 units or fewer a year fell from 12,200 in 1988 to around 2,400 by 2014, with access to finance in the wake of the economic downturn and planning issues said to be largely to blame


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