University stuff (not real estate)

There’s been a lot of discussion of the contribution of universities to economic performance recently following a positive research report from academics at LSE.  Tim Harford is always worth a read and his thoughts on the value of a university education are interesting. Today Martin Wolf in the FT departs from his normally urbane and measured tone in a brutally reasonable analysis of proposed government “reforms” to the HE sector.  He points out that

Make no mistake, this is a fully-fledged government takeover of the UK’s university sector. Anybody who thinks this will end with more diverse, more innovative, more courageous and more independent institutions is, quite simply, a fool.

He’s incredulous about the membership of the new Office for Students.

Amazingly, the principal requirement for its members is that they should know nothing about higher education.

Really? Please – tell me that it’s a spoof.


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