Office gossip

Does the UK really have poor quality offices compared to other countries? According to research cited in the Independent (it would be good to know more about it), the answer is that it does.  If the findings are robust, it could be an indictment of the corporate real estate management sector in the UK.  A planner that I know well working for a major real estate services firm is constantly moaning about the poor quality of her office space (albeit she finds time to moan about other stuff too) – cold, noisy, cramped, poor lighting…the research all rang true.  It’s only a sample of one but it’s consistent with the research.  We put our admin staff in open plan about five years ago.  Most of them really hate it.  Cold, noisy etc.  However, it’s odd that the success of co-working spaces, café working etc. is partly based on a preference for shared, communal, vibrant space.


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