Energy Management

Despite the dispiriting ‘green crap’ prejudices of the current government, in the US there’s quite of lot of optimism about the potential of renewables. Joe Romm has a good piece outlining how the contribution of hydro, solar, wind etc. is likely to grow.  I hope that it’s not overly optimistic since I’m not really in a position to evaluate it.  However, one shift that may be of interest to real estate managers – both corporate and investment – is the growth of demand response.  This involves paying commercial, industrial, and even residential customers to reduce electricity demand given a certain amount of advance warning. According to Romm, they are the biggest and cheapest “new” sources of electricity by far and generate no pollution.  He quotes Jon Wellinghoff (former Federal Energy Regulator) who points out that in the US…

And it applies not only to consumers in their homes, but businesses too. Large commercial and industrial (C&I) customers with the ability to bid demand response into the wholesale market are now assured the ability to do so, which will benefit the C&I customer and the system as a whole.


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