Not real estate

It’s always nice to see hunches supported.  I always find that writing helps to clarify arguments and ideas.  John Naughton in his blog quotes E.M.  Forster who apparently stated that…

there are two kinds of writer: those who know what they think and then set it down in writing; and those who find out what they think by trying to write it. I’m the latter, and so, I suspect, was Forster  But I’ve worked with people who could — and sometimes did — write an entire book in a single continuous draft. (I hate these people, but they exist.) 

I’m definitely the latter too but I don’t hate “these people” – they’re usually a bit odd.  I’m always suspicious of people who won’t write anything until they have done all the research etc. first.  Often its procrastination or a defence mechanism to prevent having their arguments evaluated.


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